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Taste the color of the year



Give a taste of the color of the year (Pink Oyster), merging sight and taste to generate a unique experience that remains imprinted in the visitor's memory.
For the prestigious CASADECOR contest, we proposed to Valentine the approach to the world of color through synesthesia, or the ability that leads some people to have sensory perceptions intermingling the senses: they hear colors, taste words, smell shapes...

Key insights


more than half of the visitors stated that they were better able to describe the color of the space after having savored it

Scientific studies affirm that the synesthetic perception is usually remembered more vividly than the one that provokes it

Enter an avant-garde kitchen where you can appreciate how the fusion between sight and taste materializes. A room flooded by the color of the year, Pink Oyster.

Through four haute cuisine platters made with paint, the four color palettes that Valentine proposes in the 2020 Cashmere Collection are appreciated.

We collaborated with the master chocolatier Mario Padial, who was in charge of creating the bites of color.


We create a memory in the visitor by redefining an industrial material such as paint.
Color is emotion and we transmit it through this experiential space.