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Training happiness

User experience design. GO fit gym centers. Madrid, Spain.


The GO fit gym group entrusted Venture with strategic consulting to create the “gym of the future”, the next experiential gym model.
GO fit as a scheduled physical training center focused on health. A space dedicated to personal care, well-being and, ultimately, the training of happiness.

Key insights


the company's equity was multiplied by two, thanks to the consulting project carried out by Venture

The value proposition, based on increasing the contact points with the target and obtaining DATA, was decisive for related sectors and companies, GO fit partners such as pharmaceutical or food companies.

The GO fit experience does not end with exercise, but rather continues with food, leisure and culture, which coexist and feed on each other in a single space. The contact with the brand, providing value, starts before going to the gym.
Since the morning, when the alarm goes off with the music from your Zumba class.

Until lunchtime, when, depending on your exercise routine, collected in an Rfid bracelet, it recommends a certain menu or diet.

Incident management area away from the access flow to the gym, to avoid clogging the flows. In the background, the toy library, with a counter-view from the incident station.
One of the insights discovered is that people go to the gym because they don't have time. It was key to generate systems and routes that would eliminate waiting, and segment customers based on their needs and typology.


GO fit asked us to rethink the traditional gym. Our finding was to increase the brand's contact with the customer, improve the experience and satisfaction, all within a warm environment where comfort is supported by technology and the digital experience. Innovation and technology at the service of the well-being and happiness of the user.